This software was developed by wickstjo and has been published with their permission.

1. Concept
This is a web-based quest-helper primarily meant for Vanilla World of Warcraft, but can naturally be used in later expansions where the quests remain unchanged. Reaching max level is a marathon that stretches over multiple weeks and includes the completion of more than 800 quests. Contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty of quests to do at all times but because of how non-linear and cryptic fetching all the pre-quests is, it only starts flowing properly when you’ve done it a dousin times.

What does it do?
Like anyone who’s ever tried to document their own route will tell you, it quickly becomes an incoherent mess that you can barely follow yourself. After getting frustrated I decided to write this application that parses a very easy to write route-file and automatically renders it’s contents to "waypoint blocks" on a map and keeps track of your accumulated progress.

With that said, I’m just a CS student with downtime and a passion for the game. The whole point is to not have to store all this garbage information in my head anymore and maybe help a few friends reach 60 and experience the game I love. If someone else finds this helpful or wants to write their own route file and use my application as a platform then I'm happy to help.
2. Development
Technical Features
There's nothing fancy going on here. Everything from the code to the route is viewable from the github repository. The application runs locally and doesn’t require any connections to backend components like a database and instead utilizes your browsers' localstorage. It's written in outdated Javascript for now, but I might jump on the React bandwagon at some point.

The Route
The route files are around 16 000 rows long and consist of what I call "waypoint blocks" that document whether a quest needs be to started, ended or done at that specific waypoint with some extra editors notes here and there. I like the JSON format a lot because of how easy it is to both read and write while still being efficient to parse. The format allows you to fix typos, inconsistencies and even switch around blocks in little to no time if you later figure out that something could have been done better or perhaps if you missed a quest.

As a proof of concept I did the human and orc routes first, but rest assured that the others are coming too. I won't have to do a whole bunch of routing for this since all alliance races meet up at Westfall around the same level and on the horde that happens in the Barrens. Soooon!

Class Quests
Any class quests that are currently visible won’t be in the final product. The rewards tend to fluctuate from being incredible to crappy and it’s entirely subjective if you want to do, for example, the succubus questline on a warlock while leveling.

What I will do is have a new section for all the class quests that’s easy to navigate. If you’re dead set on doing a specific questline you can reference the Overview table and see when I’m going to the relevant zone and decide if you want to wait or do it straight away. I’ll try to figure out a way to signal a suggestion that class x should be looking into doing their class quest around this time to make it easier for new players.

Using your own Route
Because it's been requested so much I’ll add an import option as soon as I find the time so feel free to to write your own data-file for gathering routes or maybe the Natalia questline in silithus.

Unknown Launch Content
Flexibility is key for any accurate guide since we have no idea what quests Blizzard is going to allow to be in at launch. When blizzlike private servers launch, many valuable zones like Searing Gorge and Hinterlands are completely empty which means that the entire route needs to be recalibrated. Based on developer posts we're likely going to see some kind of franken-patch at the last minute instead so we'll have minimal time to adapt once they figure it out.

In-Game AddOn
Again, we know too little. Since the game is being backported, we have no idea what the Classic AddOn API will allow and getting into some kind of Beta is unlikely. The route is written in a format that's compatible with the in-game map system so the majority of work is already done just in case.
3. Features and Usage
Movement & Jumping
Use your A and D keys or click on the Map Arrows to browse to the previous or next waypoint block. For larger jumps I would suggest clicking the progress bar directly since there are 500+ blocks to get through. Mechanical support for mobile and tablet devices is in the works and should be implemented soon.

Save & Load Progress
Initially the application loads up a completely random dataset that’s meant to work as an introduction to everything. You can create a new character profile from the upper right menu to automatically save your accumulated progress locally in your browsers’ memory. The application keeps tracks your storage so loading up a character profiles progress is effortless.

Preloading Backgrounds
Loading zone backgrounds is by far the most time-consuming component. There is no way to even semi-permanently save requested data in your browsers memory, but you can temporarily preload all of the backgrounds via an asynchronous http request from the actions menu.

There are 44 images which are about 2.2MB in size each so it might take a bit to load all of them. Once the images stop instantly loading you need to preload again to remind your browser.

Color Schemes & Icons
I'm not a graphics guy so these are far from decided. If you would like to contribute with something better, feel free to contact me.

Main Hub
Quest Interaction
Quest Objective

End Quest
Start Quest
Do the Quest
Special Note

Part # of the Chain
Elite Quest
Dungeon Quest
Escort Quest
Random Drop Quest Starter
Class Quest
4. Contribute or Get in Touch
If you would like to contribute to the project or have improvement ideas, feel free to throw suggestions my way on github or contact me directly on Discord. Like I mentioned before, the project is and will remain open source and ad-free, and if that's something you want to support then do so via Paypal. Thanks!

Report Issues
If you encounter an issue of some kind and would like to report it, take a screenshot with your console open (ctrl+shift+j or cmd+option+j). Send it to me through your preferred channel with a brief explanation of what you tried doing and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

5. Why should you follow a Guide?
Even tho questing is very non-linear and cryptic, it can be a very enjoyable experience for both new and old players alike and doesn’t have to take ridiculously long either. It’s very important to systematically do almost all available quests in a specific order, particularly for the first 30 levels when there’s plenty of quests to do but it’s also very easy to completely outlevel hubs accidentally.

I can guarantee that for anyone who hasn’t played on tons of private servers before, you will run out of in-range quests very quickly and by that time it’s too late to start following a guide that hasn’t rushed to Duskwood as fast as humanly possible. Depending on how much you've skipped, it might be faster to just start over with a completely new character.

Pre-quests & Efficiency
The game isn’t exactly known for holding your hand when it comes to finding available quests either and only becomes easier after you’ve leveled a dousin times. Most zones have multiple pre-quests and level requirements that unlock a significant portion of what’s actually available so starting without the proper precautions only results in a giant waste of your own time. If you’ve properly mapped out the first 40 levels you can save an absurd amount of time by not making the same trip more often than necessary, smart hearthstone locations and spirit ressing.
6. Quests versus Grinding
Deciding to skip content (or even zones) before you’ve arrived and realized that it would take you hours isn’t smart. You will eventually have to skip entire questlines whether they’re good or bad because a certain spot is too contested. When that time arrives, and believe me it will, you want to make sure that you’ve gathered enough extra XP from previous sources for it to not matter. Being aware of noob-trap quests is one thing, but refusing to do them no matter what is dumb.

Grinding Mobs
I genuinely enjoy grinding, but substituting questing largely with grinding will likely only increase the time it takes you to reach level 60. In all my years playing this game I’ve only met a handful of people who have the mental fortitude to tolerate the sheer quantity of mind-numbing farming that entrails.

People who refer to it being mathematically better have a tendency to forget how inapplicable it is in a real world scenario. Remember that most people also run out of quests around the same time so there’s competition virtually everywhere so you can forget about being left alone anywhere that’s efficient for your class.
7. Dungeons
Dungeons with randoms generally has a very high rate of failure and terrible experience when done without quests. There is no single item upgrade from dungeons in the game that efficiency wise justifies gambling with your time as much as running dungeons. If you're desperate for something critical like a weapon on a melee class, buy one.

However, they are very fun and a nice change of pace from doing quests. There tends to be at least two players in each dungeon group who are way too low level, so to compensate you should be going in right before most of the mobs turn gray to essentially carry the whole thing.

I do collect all quests for the good dungeons, but again, it’s up to you whether you feel like bothering or not. Depending on how actively you play, rested experience more than makes up for the potential loss in experience from dodging dungeons.
8. How long will this take?
According to private server statistics, it takes the average person around 13 days (312 hours) of played time to reach 60 while experienced tryhards reach it in around 5 days (120 hours). If a person plays on average 3 hours per day it’ll take these types 104 days and 40 days respectively to reach 60 in real time. Figure out your schedule and make a plan.

Rested Experience
Remember that rested experience doubles the amount of XP you gain from kills and generates at a rate of 5% per 8 hours you’re offline, ie 0.625% per hour, and caps out at 150%. If you play for three hours and go offline for another 20 ish hours you'll be gaining around 13% rested XP every day. The higher level you are, the more your rested ticks are worth so it might be a good idea to go a bit harder at the start.
9. How do I prepare now?
Practice. If you want to avoid big mistakes and figure out what works and what doesn't then you need to put in the hours. Watching regurgitated top10s on youtube by content creators that think the game is played in an even remotely similar way now does more harm than good.

If you're mostly interested in routing and other mechanical stuff you can download and boot up a local server and do your testing there. With speehacks & teleports you can finish a 1-60 run in half a day.
10. Benefits
Playing while grouped
The quantifiable benefits are very subjective. One of the most agreed upon feature is that you don’t have to avoid grouping with other players because you aren’t relying on experience from kills. I don’t allow myself any rested experience in my routes, so even if you’re playing in a 3 man party you’ll likely finish way before me anyway.

If you’re planning on getting another race’s mount then you can save yourself a decent amount of gold by doing quests while they’re level appropriate. Low level quests grant a ton of reputation but have very significant diminishing for high level players.

As a human I reach exalted with Darnassus from the same quest at level 48 every time. As an Orc I’m around 3k away from being exalted with the Darkspear after reaching level 60 while most other factions are already completed. All non-humans end up in essentially the same standing.

Contested Zones
Another aspect I tried to pay alot of attention to was contested zones. If you’re going into zones like STV, Shimmering Flats or Ashenvale while not being massively overleveled, you’re setting yourself up to fail. I tend to do the entry quests in STV at around level 33 (to avoid them going gray) and only come back once I’m far into my 40s so even duo levelers think twice before attacking.
11. Conclusion
Your next run will probably be faster and better than the one before it because of the amount of moving parts and necessary knowhow, but by following a guide even your first run can be enjoyable and not something you look back on negatively.