Alliance Overview
The alliance route is very straightforward and comfortable even for inexperienced players. After you make the Wetlands Run early on you’ll have enough waypoints to be able to fly from zone to zone which frees you up to do chores in-between and get right back to playing with minimal downtime.

After the Stockade, dungeons tend to be placed very awkwardly compared to where the closest flightpath is, but timing wise they fit in much better than they do for the horde. The further away a dungeon is, the more you have to gamble with your time and hope the group works out. Depending on how much rested you’ve accumulated thus far it might be a good idea to just dodge bad dungeons. Dungeon quests in general require much less busywork and you can even complete the entire Onyxia Attunement before reaching max level without much effort.

Compared to the horde, there’s far more breadcrumb quests like The Missing Diplomat and Legend of Stalvan that award mediocre experience and has you running around the world. It’s up to you whether you want to skip them or not, but I’ve tried to weave them in with other quests so the long treks are a bit more rewarding.