Horde Overview
I spent an equivalent amount of time trying to figure out the first 30 levels for the horde route that I did for the entire alliance route. Even when dodging Mulgore entirely, you’re absolutely swimming in quests everywhere and have to skip the terrible ones in order to not outlevel the good ones.

Compared to the alliance route, not only do you switch zones more frequently but entire continents too which is a giant pain in the ass. Flightpaths are generally spread much more evenly and close to dungeons right from the get-go which makes group activities less time-consuming.

Depending on what type of player you are you might be happy to know that there’s barely any long questlines like The Missing Diplomat or Legend of Stalvan that grant very mediocre XP and has you running all over the world. Most people tend to associate the Onyxia Attunement on the alliance side with fun while the horde one is a nightmare that can’t even be started properly before hitting 60 and gearing up. It never gets any easier and you’re always going to be tempted to break your keyboard in half when you just can’t find Rexxar in desolace for the third time that day.